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Attorney Scott Ciolek understands that in every case involving intellectual property, our clients have a lot at stake. If you have been issued a patent and then had a potential or existing competitor copy it without permission, Ciolek LTD can help.

Analysis and Strategy on Intellectual Property Matters

Drawing on his technical background as a licensed electrical engineer and extensive knowledge of U.S. copyright, and trademark law, Attorney Scott Ciolek is uniquely qualified to help businesses, inventors, and entrepreneurs enforce their intellectual property rights. This unusual combination of both technical and legal knowledge allows attorney Scott Ciolek to minimize the time spent on research, saving our clients time and money.

Scott Ciolek provides a variety of legal services relating to trademarks, copyright matters, and internet domain disputes such as:

  • trademark clearance searches
  • federal, state, and foreign trademark registrations
  • trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • dispute resolution proceedings for internet domain names
  • trademark disputes
  • copyright infringement litigation involving literary, artistic and musical works

Finding the Best Path and Approach for Resolution

Attorney Scott Ciolek is often able to resolve intellectual property matters out of court. Frequently we find that a well-prepared cease-and-desist letter can accomplish our client’s goals, or a settlement can be reached through negotiations. If you are need assistance with trademark, copyright issues, or other internet disputes, call today at 419-740-5935 to speak with Attorney Scott Ciolek, he will help you understand your rights and protect your interests.