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Ohio Foreclosure Defense

Attorney Scott Ciolek understands that it may seem like the whole world is against you when facing foreclosure. Losing a home or property to foreclosure is a frightening thought, but more and more individuals and families are facing that reality every day. We work with people who have fallen behind in mortgage payments and are being harassed by creditors. We know how hopeless the situation may seem.

You may be able to save your home.

Filing for bankruptcy may be one option to save your home, but it’s not necessary in every case.  Over the past years, many mortgage companies have made mistakes and cut corners with their paperwork.  For example, Truth In Lending Act violations are not uncommon. These types of violations may enable the homeowner to rescind the entire mortgage and obtain damages.  If the mortgage company has made mistakes in your case, then we’ll turn the tables on them and enforce your rights.

Scott Ciolek can help you determine whether bankruptcy or foreclosure defense is the way to go. Toledo foreclosure lawyer Scott Ciolek has taken an aggressive stand to defend Ohio home and property owners from bank foreclosure. Contact the office to discuss your foreclosure defense with experienced Toledo-area foreclosure defense attorney Scott Ciolek.